One of the most trending topics in the field of robots is the humanized robot developed by Agility Robotics in a bid to complement delivery operations. While companies have been investing in self-driving cars, this robot comes to solve the problems that a car cannot do. For example, the robot has been made with the ability to maneuver obstacles and go past the stairs while delivering customer packages.

Online shopping is a trend that also inspired the need to have robots that walk to deliver items or parcels to customers without hassle. The robot comes with the ability to carry up to 40-pounds package.

Digit Humanoid Robot was created in 2019 and can go where humans go. The robot just looking like human features the nimble limbs, and torso with sensors for computing. Some of the other features of the Digit robot according to Agility Robotics include:

  • Sealed joints to facilitate all-weather deliveries.
  • 2-DOF feet for balance and stability.
  • U.N 38.3 Certified battery.

Apart from being used for delivery purposes, Digit robot can also be used for other logistical purposes, research, entertainment, and automated inspection among other uses.